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The EcoGolfer Pledge

March 11, 2013

The International Sustainability Council and Audubon Lifestyles (ISC-Audubon) have launched the ISC-Audubon EcoGolfer League, aimed at making golfers more aware of environmental conservation and sustainability on and beyond the golf course. Part of being a member involves signing the EcoGolfer Pledge, a list of 10 simple, sustainable, but significant steps that golfers can take that will help secure a sustainable future for the game of golf

As an EcoGolfer I pledge to:

1. Walk rather than ride in carts when practical.

2. Avoid walking in and disturbing natural vegetation, wildlife habitat, and out of play areas.

3. Avoid water’s edge areas on the golf course especially where the chance of shoreline erosion is high.

4. Be respectful of the local wildlife on the golf course, and will not molest, stress or disturb them.

5. Dispose of recyclable items in recycle bins when available.

6. Pick up and properly dispose of trash found on the golf course whenever I see it.

7. Pick up and dispose of broken tees found on the course.

8. Repair and replace divots in the fairway, and ball marks on the greens.

9. Purchase and use environmentally-friendly golf products including reusable water bottles, tees, balls, bags, apparel, and more.

10. Seek out and play golf courses who have adopted sustainable management policies, practices, and certifications.

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